Wolfgang Seidel

WOLFGANG SEIDEL – Buchla Music Easel synthesizer and tabletop guitar Born in 1949 in West Berlin in the last weeks of the blockade of the city by the Soviet army, Wolfgang Seidel has been heavily involved with the music scene in Berlin since he started playing drums in rock bands as a teenager. In the late 1960s he found himself in the vicinity of Joseph Beuys’ student Conrad Schnitzler and the Zodiak Free Arts Lab, one of the cradles of the music which would later get the label “Krautrock”. He played in Conrad Schnitzler’s group Eruption, an experimental unit which looked for new sounds and new forms of musical interaction. In 1970, Seidel was among the founders of Ton Steine Scherben, one of the first bands to combine rock music with the German language. Founding their own label in 1971, Ton Steine Scherben became the precursor of independent music in Germany. Their re-released album recently made it into the German album charts, a mere 45 years since the original release! Around 1980, Seidel brought the experience of rock music and free improvisation together in groups such as Popular Mechanics and in collaboration with Alfred Harth. Today he is active in Berlin’s thriving Echzeitmusik and free improvisation scenes as a drummer and synthesizer player. Despite his long musical history, the Basic Electricity concert on 11 September 2015 was his first ever solo performance.