Time Probe

Paul Obermayer and David Ross
Time Probe
Sound Anatomy SA002
Release date: Dec 1st 2015


Time Probe 1 2.05
Time Probe 2 6.43
Time Probe 3 2.07
Time Probe 4 5.12
Time Probe 5 7.31
Time Probe 6 2.49
Time Probe 7 2.05
Time Probe 8 3.10
Time Probe 9 2.15

Recorded in London, 5 April 2015

mastered by Richard Scott
image by Philippa Jeffery
design by Clarke Robinson

For our second release Sound Anatomy are delighted to present Time Probe, the debut recording from two of London’s most creative musicians. Paul Obermayer and David Ross have been persistently inventive forces in the city’s musical underground for the last two decades and more.

Time Probe is a nine-part suite of unedited excerpts from a single recording session using two self-designed instruments: Paul Obermayer’s POlymod, a Max MSP based polyphonic sample modulator, and David Ross’s Davestation, a hardware based control voltage time modulator. The title of the recording obliquely refers to news of NASA’s space probe arriving at Pluto that same week, and also to Sun Ra’s Space Probe (1974), especially the 18 minute Moog solo title track.

Ross and ObermayerThis is very “electronic” music made with bold and tactile gestures. Modulated textures of glistening purity are cut with moments of startling distortion and decay, and dissolve into voids of ambiguous darkness and silence. For all its physicality, a sense of otherworldliness seems to haunt these sounds, which avoid obvious reference points yet are unafraid to travel into spheres of abstract and galactic funkiness when the moment demands it. The listener senses there is nowhere to hide; nothing is looped or layered or consolidated into the lazy, the relaxing or the familiar. Cliché is eschewed in favour of a constant sense of questioning and mystery, making the clear shapes that emerge all the more astonishing.