Sound Anatomy Summer News August 2017


In celebration of the fact that CD is now “obsolete” and cocking a snook to all things sensible we are delighted to announce that this Summer we are producing four releases on CD/digital, a new digital release PLUS a digital reissue of a classic release from 2009.

SA004 Hiss and Viscera by Audrey Chen & Richard Scott CD/digital

SA010 As Found by Biliana Voutchkova/Michael Thieke/Roy Carroll CD/digital

SA011 Hyphae by Richard Scott & Marta Zapparoli digital

SA012 Tales from the Voodoo Box: solos for EMS Synthi A synthesiser by Richard Scott CD/digital

SA013 Hyperpunktby Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble CD/digital

SA014/RE001 Let’s make a Solar System by Twinkle³ digital

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