Sound Anatomy Mission Statement

Sound Anatomy is a new digital record label dedicated to electroacoustic, improvised and electronic music. The label is curated by a team led by composer and modular synthesizer player Richard Scott. We aim to get the new music we love out there, professionally mastered and presented to the highest quality possible.

We will release a new album each month for two years. So the full intial series will run to 24 albums, with some extra releases, reissues, compilations and occasional accompanying CD issues too. The first few releases will feature artists including Thomas Lehn, Axel Dörner, Richard Scott, Paul Obermayer, David Ross, Audrey Chen, Lloyd Cole, Wolfgang Siedel, Evan Parker, Richard Barret, Micheal Vatcher, Emilio Gordoa, Clive Bell, Jon Rose, Ute Wassermann, David Birchall, and Phillip Marks.

Releases can be listened to online and are available to purchase as high quality downloads via Bandcamp.